The Ptreasury

Chicken Doodle Soup

There's this guy in our office who doodles weird stuff. Sometimes it's creepy, most of the time it just makes us laugh. Hide your Trapper Keepers!


PTMK Office Tour

Here's a quick taste of the knickknacks, thingamajigs and whatnots that fill our space and inspire us every day.


Krunk Mail

Don't just throw away those cable bills and credit card pre-approvals, many junk mail envelopes are hiding some of the raddest patterns we've ever seen!

Meant to conceal sensitive information traveling by snail mail, these wild designs have made their way into our mailboxes. So we collected them, ripped them open and scanned them for your viewing pleasure.

There are probably some patterns waiting for you right now, so start diggin' through that junk mail and letter rip!


Out of Memory

Here in the office, we've been having a lot of fun with Google Maps recently. Its (fairly) new 3D feature creates some truly creepy and surreal images when partially loaded. So we scoured the digital globe and started screenshottin' away. We've taken a few of our favorites and created a series of new 'old' photographs.

See if you can match these eerie pictures with their real world locations.